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Fishing Lure Tips, Fishing Techniques - Best Lures to Use for Walleye

Best Lures to Use for Walleye Catching fish is one of the more common and enjoyable outdoor activities. This activity can be used for many purposes. It can be done for fun and for sport. This can also be done in order to provide food and feed people. Fishing can also be part of a [...]

Fishing Lure Tips - Best Lures for Northern Pike

Best Lures for Northern Pike When fishing for northern pike you will have to decide what lure to take with you to catch it . There are many different type of lures but some have proven better with Northern pikes than others. Metal spoons are popular and have been used for many years. This is [...]

Fishing Lure Tips - Top Fishing Lure Manufacturers

Top Fishing Lure Manufacturers With so many fishing lures and brands out on the market, it can be difficult to distinguish which ones are the best and which ones are duds. The price of a lure does not always dictate its effectiveness, as cheap lures have shown over the years to be highly effective at [...]

Fishing Techniques - Techniques when Fishing for Walleye

Techniques when Fishing for Walleye Walleye is one of the best tasting fish a fisherman can catch. Spring is a great time to catch a Walleye. When the water temperatures are not too hot, they will congregate near the shore lines. They love sandy areas and will congregate near these. As the summer approaches Walleye [...]