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Best Lures for Northern Pike

Best Lures for Northern Pike

When fishing for northern pike you will have to decide what lure to take with you to catch it . There are many different type of lures but some have proven better with Northern pikes than others. Metal spoons are popular and Best Lures for Northern Pikehave been used for many years. This is a lure you should bring in your tackle box. Spoons come in different sizes but one at least four to six inches long is important The heavier the spoon the better it will work when casting. The curve of the spoon is what lures in the pike. So look for a spoon with a good curve. There are silver and gold spoons which are well made. The red eye wriggler spoons are effective too.

Another popular bait lure is spinnerbaits often used in bass fishing. Manufacturers are making spinnerbaits that fit the pike. Willow leaf blades attached work well to lure the Northern pike in. Plastic jerkbaits work well because they sink slowly into the water. The best sizes are 6 to nine inches long using brightly colored bait that attracts the fish’s attention. Topwater lures are used on the surface where the Northern pike likes to come. Buzzbaits and the spook a cigar shaped lure are the best of this kind. Jerkbaits are another lure for water less than 20 feet and made to look like wounded bait the fish might eat.

The type of bait you use will help you catch the Northern Pike so chose carefully. Decide on the season you will be fishing and what bait works the best. Chose a reputable seller of fish lure and bait to buy from and ask for advice.

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