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The Ideal Trout Lure

The Ideal Trout Lure

The best lure to use when fishing for trout depends as much on what type of water in which you are fishing as what you are hoping to catch. The depth and speed of the water will change the movement and appearance of the lure The Ideal Trout Lureonce it is cast and this changes the way the trout sees it. To know whether your lure is going to appear attractive or unappealing to a fish, you must understand the functions of a specific lure and how its design is meant to affect its movement in the water.

Spoons are generally accepted as a top-notch trout lure, an obvious choice to many fisherman for this type of sport. This lure is shaped just as its name suggests and the lip causes it to flash and vibrate through the water as it is reeled in. Varieties come in different thicknesses and these are chosen by an expert fisherman based on the river. Generally, the larger the stream, the heavier the spoon for a longer cast and faster movement through the water. A smaller, lighter spoon works well in shallower streams.

Another stand-by trout lure is the spinner. Spinners act similarly to spoons when pulled through the water, but more closely resemble the trout’s normal food source- young aquatic insects or minnows. Like spoons, the best method for choosing a size of spinner is to match it to the stream you are fishing. Spinners take a bit more finesse in that if they aren’t reeled in at a quick pace, they will easily catch on the bottom.

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