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Top Fishing Lure Manufacturers

Top Fishing Lure Manufacturers

With so many fishing lures and brands out on the market, it can be difficult to distinguish which ones are the best and which ones are duds. The price of a lure does not always dictate its effectiveness, as cheap lures have shownTop Fishing Lure Manufacturers over the years to be highly effective at times and comparable to expensive lures. There are plenty of lure manufacturers, with some better than others, but which ones are the best?

Rapala is considered to be a very reputable fishing lure brand. Rapala specializes in excellent bass fishing lures that are unmatched by other manufacturers in the industry. They produce gorgeous paddlebugs, plugs and rattlers that keep the big fish biting. Rapala is one of the most popular bass fishing brands used by fishermen around the world.

Berkley is another top fishing lure brand available on the market. They specialize in both freshwater and saltwater fishing, and produce innovative lures that are unseen by any other fishing lure manufacturer such as ‘Gulp! Alive!’ and dough baits that are great at attracting fish with their strong scents. Some Berkley lures have even reportedly produced more success than live bait.

Many fishing lure brands do not come anywhere close to the popularity of Berkley and Rapala. However, other top brands that are reputable include Abu-Garcia, Booyah and Blue Fox. These lure manufacturers create reliable, durable lures that are well worth their price.

Many lure manufacturers such as Abu-Garcia also produce quality rods and reels, making them very versatile brands. Finding the right fishing lure can sometimes make all the difference in getting a meager catch, and catching a boatload of fish.

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