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When to use top water baits for Bass

When to use top water baits for Bass

Catching a bass is quite exciting especially when you use top water baits. This is so as this type of bait always produces results. One is also excited seeing the baits produce breathtaking strikes.top water baits for Bass

There are several optimum conditions for using top water baits in order to increase chances of catching a bass. Bass usually feed in the morning when the light intensity is low. They like feeding at shallow sides of the water. This is where there are bushes and rocks. Early in the morning is a good time to use top water baits.

Fishing late in the afternoon allows you to use top water baits. Bass feeds at this time too as the sun’s intensity is lower. The fish feed at the shallow end of the water.

You can use top water bass the whole night. Bass can feed through-out the night. The best top baits to use at this time are black jitterbugs and buzzbaits. These are wobbled in a steady manner in the water to attract the bass fish.

You can never miss catching bass when they are in schools. The trick is to use the right top water bass. In this case Zara spook is the top water bait to use. This bait resembles a bass fish chasing bait in water. An interested bass will try to catch the supposed bait fish and you end up catching the fish.

A cloudy day is perfect for luring fish. The weather is just like it is in the mornings and late afternoons. Bass will feed freely in the shallow ends of the water.

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