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Heddon Fishing Lures

Heddon Fishing Lures

Fishing lures have been used since approx 2,000 BC, when the Chinese used bronze to attract fish. Lures today haven’t changed much. Lures are made to resemble the natural prey of a fish. A lure wiggles and giggles and attracts Heddon Fishing Luresthe fishes attention, so that they will bite the hook. A great brand of fishing lure to use on your hook is the Heddon lure.

Heddon lure company was created by James Heddon in the 1890′s. The first Heddon lures were made of wood. James Heddon started selling the lures in 1902 from his very own kitchen in Michigan.

The first wooden lure made by Heddon was in the shape of a frog. Shortly after the wooden frog was made, Heddon produce a plastic frog. The early plastic frogs were known to decay after short use. Some of the original plastic frogs are kept as collectors items today.

Other types of lures made by Heddon over the years were the Slopenose Dowagiac Expert, Dowagiac Underwater Expert, Dowagiac Minnow, Artistic Minnow 50, Night-Radiant Moonlight Bait, Surface Minnow, Baby Dowagiac 20, Multiple Metal Minnow 500, Musky Minnow 5 Hook 700, Woodpecker 1001, Swimming Minnow 800, Dowagiac Minnow ’0′ and Dowagiac Minnow ’00′, Light Casting Minnow 10, Black Sucker 1300 and Ice Decoy 400, Coast Minnow, Dummy Double 1500, Deep Diving Wiggler 1600 and Near Surface Wiggler 1700. Like the original plastic frog, most of these lures are now collectables.

The newest fishing lure product from Heddon, since 2005, are the Baby Lucky 13, Super Spook Jr, and Coors Hook.

Whether you are looking to collect antique lures, or buying lures to get that catch of the day, Heddon lure company is the company for you!

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