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Rapala Fishing Lure

Rapala Fishing Lure

The Rapala fishing lure was invented in the 1930′s. A fisherman by the name of Lauri Rapala watched how fish ate. He observed that the big fish eat the smaller wounded fish. He would watch the fish eat the wounded minnows inRapala Fishing Lure the shallows. This is how he thought up the idea of a rapala fishing lure. He carved a wooden fish that resembled a wounded minnow swimming in the water.

The success of the Rapala fishing lure is astounding. There were stories of him catching hundreds of fish using his new lure. Not soon after there begin to be a market for the Rapala fishing lures. Originally the rapala was in one color only and didn’t have the sophistication that it has now days. It would hover around the same depth and with a few tugs of the fishing pole it would look like a wounded minnow.

In recent times the Rapala fishing lure is still a favorite among many fishermen. The new technology has allowed it to have a variety of colors and shapes to lure the fish in more. There are Rapala’s that will dive down and back up again resembling a fish that is wounded. There are a variety of sizes that are available depending on what you are fishing for. The Rapala fishing lure has been the golden standard for other fishing lures of its kind. It was one of the original maker’s of the simple idea of luring a fish into your bait. It will continue to be successful in future years as newer more sophisticated scents and colors become available.

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