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Strike King Lures

Strike King Lures

Strike King Fishing Lures is a company located in Collierville Tennessee United States. Strike King was founded in 1966 by Charles Spence. His first lures were sold in Arkansas at the Ben Franklin Five and Dime Stores and Walton Strike King LuresVariety Stores by a man named Ray Murski. In 1968 Ray Murski sold his first lures under the name Strike King Lures.

Strike King Lures were specifically for bass fishing, so as the bass fishing tournament sport grew, so did the word about Strike King Lures. In the early 80′s Strike King was the biggest producer of spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and jigs in the world! In the 90′s Strike King Lures started making cat fish lures as well. Around this time Ray Murski bought out the Strike King company. By 1998 Strike King was one of the most known lure companies overall.

In the late 90′s Strike King started using plastic in their lures, and in 2000 Strike King introduced their 3X product line of soft plastics.

Overall Strike king has released over 1000 new products since 1990. The newest brand of plastic lures that is for sale now is the Rage brand. It comes in several types such as Rage Lobster, Rage Anaconda, and Rage Worm. The Rage brand is all made from the high grade plastic that Strike King is known for.

Strike King also features an all pro touring team in fishing. They are sponsored by the four time angler of the year Kevin VanDam. Invest in Strike King and some day you too can be an all star angler!

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