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Techniques when Fishing for Bass

Techniques when Fishing for Bass

Freshwater fishing is enjoyed by people all around the world, as it can be done at any lake, pond, stream or river. Freshwater areas are host to a variety of sport fish that vary based on the area. Many ponds and lakes feature Techniques when Fishing for Basslargemouth and smallmouth bass. These bass are some of the most sought after freshwater sport fish in existence. There are many techniques used by expert and amateur fishermen to catch these energetic creatures.

A technique that is often used to catch bass involves simply tossing a lure out, usually a plastic worm or jerk bait, and reeling in slowly with occasional ‘jerks’ of the lure. The idea is that the bass will mistake the lure for a real worm or minnow, as both have tendencies to move in slow, jerky movements underwater. The jerking motion can also attract the bass’s attention, as the sudden vibration may be felt by a nearby lurking bass and cause him to turn around and follow the lure and bite.

Another technique cleverly used by fishermen is letting a lure, usually a paddlebug, gradually sink to the bottom, and gradually reeling it back up. Paddlebugs feature the ability to move upwards and downwards in water very easily, making them the best lure for this method. Other methods include the simple slow reeling in of lures such as spinners and trolling on boats. Trolling is a method that involves dropping a lure in water while in a boat and slowly moving the boat across the water letting the lure drag through the water. Bass fishing is one of the most exciting ways to fish, and the catches that can be made with it make it a very rewarding experience.

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