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Techniques when Fishing for Walleye

Techniques when Fishing for Walleye

Walleye is one of the best tasting fish a fisherman can catch. Spring is a great time to catch a Walleye. When the water temperatures are not too hot, they will congregate near the shore lines. They love sandy areas and will Techniques when Fishing for Walleyecongregate near these. As the summer approaches Walleye will go deeper into the cooler water.

If one is fishing during the daytime, the best way to catch a Walleye is using a 3-way swivel rig. You will need to get your line down 20-30 feet, as that is where the prize Walleye will be. Worms are a great bait to use for Walleye fishing. Using a worm harness with a 3-way is the perfect combination for catching the big one.

Thick weeded areas near the shoreline are sure to be hiding a winning prize. Walleye like to stay closer to the shorelines, but the warmer the water, the deeper they tend to go. The smaller fish, around 2-4 lbs. will stay closer to shore during the day, but if you want the big fish, they are in the deepest parts.

Many people like to use Jigs to try to catch Walleye. While jigs can be useful, unless you know the exactly area where the fish are congregating, they are useless. Fishing for Walleye definitely takes technique. They love to nibble on the bait, but not take the hook. To make help the fish take the hook, use a lighter line and a bottom-bouncer rig. By following a few of these simple tips, you are sure to have a prize Walleye in no time.

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